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EntreprAdmire January 2016 Edition

#EntreprAdmire: A monthly series that highlights brands or entrepreneurs that have a certain “it” factor that is, well, admirable. This month, the focus is launching, growing, and getting organized (because what better time than the start of a fresh, new year to start a fresh, new project).

Spirit of 608

If you’re working in the fashion-sphere, or working to build an idea that falls somewhere within the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology (otherwise known as “F.E.S.T.”), the Spirit of 608 podcast is for you. Lorraine Sanders, accomplished (and uber-talented) fashion + tech journalist, is the podcaster, and she believes F.E.S.T. is the future of fashion. Spirit of 608 delivers inspiration, war stories, and tips and tricks from super-women working (and building, and innovating) in the F.E.S.T. space. Past guests include Katherine Power of Who What Wear, Rebecca Van Bergen of Nest, Liza Kindred of Third Wave Fashion, and Meaghan Rose and Maia Bittner of Rocksbox. The podcast has been featured in Racked and in iTunes’ New and Noteworthy show list. It’s rad, folks. It’s really rad. Bonus: each episode is the perfect length for listening on a walk or a jog (so, hey, it can help you to fulfill those new year’s resolutions, too).

The Skillery

It’s no secret that Nashville is the place to be these days. And as Nashville grows, so grows its population of cool-and-tech-savvy small businesses, creative businesspeople, and “solopreneurs.” Where do these people go to work without the distractions of a home office or the hustle and bustle of a local coffee shop? A coworking space. (What’s a coworking space? It’s essentially a shared work environment, often used by freelancers, independent professionals, and small business teams.) The Skillery is a coworking space in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood that is home to a plethora of freelancers, creative individuals, and start-ups (including your favorite law practice, Spear IP). Beyond the welcoming facility itself, The Skillery offers an Intro to Entrepreneurship Workshop and a Starter Kit. (Psst, Nashvillians: Interested? Earlybird registration for the next workshop ends January 11.) Think 2016 will be the year you’ll finally do something about that great idea you have? Thinking of launching a product, but you’re unsure where to start? The Skillery’s Intro to Entrepreneurship Workshop and/or Starter Kit may prove to be helpful tools for you. Work “should be personally meaningful, deeply satisfying, and unabashedly fun,” touts The Skillery’s website, and Team Skillery is doing a great job to foster a community of Nashvillians that reflects that mantra.

Apartment Therapy: January Cure

Particularly after the holidays, many of us feel as though our homes are a mess. Maybe your house isn’t “messy” at surface-level, but, then, there’s the crooked photo above the mantel, the junk drawer(s), or the disorganized linen closet? The January Cure (from popular home-improvement and décor blog will help you tackle each of those to-be-crossed-off tasks in an orderly (and even enjoyable) fashion. The self-described “totally-free, clutter-clearing, worry-busting, home organizing secret weapon” delivers small assignments (21 in total) directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Apartment Therapy guarantees a “cleaner, fresher, more organized home” if you complete the Cure.

Inspirational ear candy, tools for entrepreneurs, and a clean and more organized home? 2016 looks great on you.