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Intellectual Property Law

Spear IP exists to help businesses feel the confidence that comes from being proactive in protecting and preserving the value of their intellectual property (and understanding related contracts). Stationed in East Nashville, Tennessee,  the modern law practice focuses on the fashion, event planning and hospitality, blogging and print media, creative arts, and web and software industries.

Things like branding, competitive and secret business information, and creative content make up your intellectual property (often called “IP”). Your IP may well be the foundation of your business or livelihood. Preserving the value of IP, and a little proactive protection, are top priorities for many business owners. Are you creating something intangible that warrants protecting?

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Spear IP is located in East Nashville, Tennessee. Spear IP is an intellectual property law practice. It focuses on the fashion industry, blogging and print media industries, the event planning and hospitality industry,, professionals in the creative arts, and the web and software industry. Spear IP was launched in 2015 by attorney Maria Spear Ollis.