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Spear IP Law

Protect your brand + content from a place of intentional planning.

(Not panic.)

So, um, how long are you going to keep putting off getting legal support?

You’re an expert. And you’ve built up a slew of followers that trust you based on your expertise.

You successfully turned your passion into a business. YES! Except…

• You’ve wondered, at least once, how long you can get away with pushing legal protection to the bottom of your to-do list.

• You haven’t talked to a lawyer about protecting your business.

• You’re afraid that legal support means hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Your business and mission deserve to thrive without stressing about the process or un-planned-for legal fees. Spear IP is here to guide you through protecting your business in a low-stress way.

How to get started protecting your business online with Spear IP

I call it the “Identify, Prioritize, Protect” Method.

We’ll identify the trademark, copyright, internet, and contract-related spots where you might be vulnerable.

We’ll prioritize the areas that are most important;

We get to work on protecting those things.

Here’s what I don’t want to happen to you.

• You put off getting a contractor to sign a contract… and then the contractor turns around and uses your confidential information to compete with you… and your hands are tied. Or…

• Your direct competitor copies you, and you have to spend extra money on fees (not to mention extra stress!), and your recovery (aka $$$) is limited because you didn’t register anything with the Copyright Office.

I’ve seen these things happen, and they’re so frustrating.

Frustrating for the client, obviously.

And frustrating for me, too, because sometimes, there’s little I can do to help (and the scenario could’ve been avoided with a little planning!).


“I always put legal at the end of my to-do list because I was intimidated with where to start and who to hire. Once I met Maria, I immediately felt like she spoke my language and was confident there would be no surprise fees along the way. She made the process and figuring out which documents were a top priority to start with easy and now I feel confident having the legal aspect of my business taken care of!”

—Samantha, wellness coach and multi-passionate entrepreneur

Shop Spear IP’s done-for-you Contract Kits for DIY protection.

(And if you need more help, you can always book a private consultation!)