Year Three: What to Expect from Spear IP

The book has closed on Year Two. Year Two meant increased community involvement, a podcast appearance, and the release of two basic legal checklists. Here is a look at what to look forward to in Year Three.

Year Two At A (Very Brief) Glance

Year Two was a year of educating and involvement. You might have caught my appearances at:

Maria Spear Ollis Spirit of 608
"Legal Basics Every FEST Founder Needs to Know Now with Attorney Maria Spear Ollis, Founder of Spear IP" ("FEST" being Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Tech). Click the image to listen.
Presenter, "Two Can Play That Game -- Creating & Protecting Your Brand" (along with Kristin Brogaard of NEUdesign Co.) at the Craft Content Nashville 2017 Unconference

Of course, the checklists made their appearance known in Year Two, too.

But you’ve probably heard enough about the checklists at this point. What’s next? What’s new? What can you expect from Spear IP in Year Three?

Year Three

A Fresh Face: Meet Katelyn Jezowski

Spear IP is pleased and proud to introduce its very first intern! Hailing from sunny California, Katelyn Jezowski is a student at Belmont University with an interest in entrepreneurship, health, music, and tech. Katelyn will be sharpening her research, writing, and general entrepreneurship skills during her time at Spear IP, and I know that she will be an asset to Spear IP and its clients.

Welcome, Katelyn!

Can You Say “Video Content?”

Okay, I admit it: some of the Spear IP blog posts are a little lengthy. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain a legal concept without getting into the details. So for those of you that react to new blog posts with “TL; DR” (as the kids say, “too long; didn’t read”), get excited. You will soon be able to digest an entire blog post, in video format, in three minutes or less.


Have you heard? Detroit’s economy is slowly recovering, and it loves its entrepreneurs. The startup scene is humming along in Motor City. Enter Spear IP. With imminent plans to become licensed in the state of Michigan, you might catch me at, say, Creative Mornings Detroit in the next few months.

Cheers to the Fabulous Threes!