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Why You Need A Podcast Guest Appearance Contract

Let’s talk about some annoying problems you might deal with without a podcast guest appearance contract. A podcast guest contract is there to put everyone on the same page in terms of how you operate when you bring guests on your podcast. So what’s the worst that could happen without one?

Podcast Problem #1 – Release Dates

Thing number one is they might demand a certain release date. A good podcast guest appearance contract will say that you’re not obligated to release an interview on any date. What if something timely happens that you want to address on your podcast? Hello, 2020, right?

Podcast Problem #2 – Episode Approval

Next is that a guest could request the ability to approve the episode before you release it. That just adds an extra step. And maybe you don’t want to have to deal with that. So that’s something that a good contract will address.

Podcast Problem #3 – Forced Release

This is a biggie…what if the interview goes terribly, but the guest demands that you release the episode because she’s given her time to you already in recording it? You’ve heard me talk about what makes a contract binding. There’s a little something called “consideration,” which is the promise that each party makes in order to enter into the contract. “I promise to do this, you promise to do that, voila.”

I’m guessing you’re not paying your guests. So the “consideration” that they’re really receiving is the opportunity to be heard and to be on your platform. If you don’t make it clear that you’re not obligated to publish that interview in your contract, they might insist that you do so because they’ve given that consideration to you already.

Podcast Problem #4 – Pre-Promotion

Another thing that could happen is that your guest promotes her appearance on your podcast before you’re ready to do so. That might not be a big deal, or it might be a big deal. You don’t want to get scooped by your own guest.

Podcast Problem #5 – Co-Ownership

And then finally, and as you can imagine, this is a big one…maybe your guest claims co-ownership of the recording because they’ve helped you to create that recording. A good podcast guest appearance contract will make it absolutely clear that you the podcast owner own that recording.

Need a podcast guest appearance contract of your own? (A non-intimidating one that you can send to your guests, stress-free?) Click here.

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