Innovations in technology take on so many forms. A new app idea! A new website idea! A new software idea! It seems like every time we turn around, a piece of technology is being invented, reinvented, or improved upon. Are you a tech guru, a developer, or an innovator? You might find yourself wondering whether your innovations should be protected. Does your business use email marketing or social media? Location-based services, the routine sharing and posting of content online, and collecting personal data are almost commonplace now.  Are you confident your practices conform with the law in your jurisdiction? Do you have the proper policies in place on your website, mobile app, or SaaS?

If you choose Spear IP as your intellectual property legal advisor, you might benefit from Spear IP’s experience in technology. This includes assistance with things like drafting and implementing website and/or application terms of use or terms of service; e-commerce-related legal advice; and legal advice regarding the use of someone else’s content on the web. It also includes contract-related tech matters like drafting custom Master Service Agreements or software licenses for web, software, and game developers; and includes general technology-related consultation and legal advice for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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