You’ve heard it: newspapers are “dying.” But the media industry is still here, it has just taken on a new form. Online entrepreneurs (like bloggers, coaches, and podcasters) tackle subjects like food, design, religion, and politics. Speaking of blogs, the “Era of Pinterest” has DIY and lifestyle blogs poised to take over the Internet. Beautiful photographs, innovative content, and sponsorship opportunities abound. As for podcasts? This form of new media is now one of the most popular ways to consume information and stories. And courses and communities offered by online entrepreneurs are popping up at such a frequency that it’s hard to keep up!

Meanwhile, a visit to any coworking space will provide you with instant examples of the growing, sizzling, tech scene. Coding is truly another language, with various “dialects,” if you will. More and more people are speaking that language every day.

Online entrepreneurs and developers alike have the potential to be buried in contracts. Even worse, they might be operating without contracts. Like many other creatives, they would rather not think about the “legal stuff” or deal with the hassle of finding some stuffy attorney that doesn’t understand their business. They’d rather focus on creating the hot platforms and shareable content that makes them thrive. Enter Spear IP.

Want to get your legal ducks in a row? Here are some basic legal items for tech brands and online entrepreneurs  to consider.

Get tech contracts in writing spear ip new media lawyerGet important contracts with freelancers, clients, sponsors, and licensees in writing (making things like deadlines, ownership of content, usage guidelines, and applicable kill fees clear from the start).
Get Terms of Use Maria Spear Ollis Spear IP New Media LawyerFor apps, online platforms, and communities, make sure the proper terms of use or user agreements are available and conspicuously posted (and that users must agree to those terms). And don't forget about a privacy policy -- especially in this post-GDPR era!
Register Copyright Maria Spear Ollis Spear IP Nashville Tennessee Blogger and Magazine AttorneyHave a regimen in place for registering your website or course content with the Copyright Office (to strengthen your position if your work is ever infringed upon).
Trademark Search and Registration Maria Spear Ollis Spear IP Nashville Tennessee Blogger and Magazine AttorneyBe sure you can use your brand name (and, if it's available and protectable, register it with the Trademark Office).
Make sure your contests, e-mail marketing, and other promotional activities comply with applicable law.

Got questions? Think you need help? Schedule a consultation with Spear IP to talk about licensing, expansion, or a “legal audit” of your business.