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Four Contracts Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

4 contracts every entrepreneur should know about spear ip maria spear ollis detroit mi nashville tn attorney

Short ‘n’ sweet, and in plain English, this post digs into four contracts every entrepreneur should know about, their purpose, and common terms to look out for.

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Second Anniversary: Blog Round-Up

spear ip legal checklist for modern business

This month marks the second (!) anniversary of Spear IP’s opening. You might notice that Spear IP started as a general intellectual property law practice. In its second year, Spear IP pivoted to focus on the fashion, hospitality, blog and new media, and tech industries, along with creative (non-musical) professionals. Here is a look back at the lessons learned and content shared on the Spear IP Blog during Year Two.

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Real Talk on Entrepreneurship and Essential Skills

Maria Spear Ollis on entrepreneurship

I’ve heard too many friends and colleagues talk about how “scary” or “impressive” it seems to start your own business. I don’t know about impressive, but entrepreneurship can certainly be scary. It’s also amazing, crazy, and incredibly fulfilling. This post deviates from the usual educational material you’ll find on the Spear IP Blog. It’s time for some real talk about entrepreneurship and the must-have skills for taking the leap (in my very humble and non-expert opinion).

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EntreprAdmire June 2016 Edition

EntreprAdmire June 2016

Though the summer solstice is still one week away, summer is in full swing in Nashville, Tennessee. This month, I #EntreprAdmire these two brands for making a splash in Nash.

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Anatomy of a Tennessee Non-Compete

Anatomy of a Tennessee Non-Compete

Competition is a funny thing. Non-compete agreements (or, in fancy legalese, “covenants not to compete”) rarely end the “Hey! You can’t do that!” discussion in the way that a former employer might think they do. Non-competes don’t always impose valid restrictions on a person’s ability to make a living. What are some things to keep in mind when considering a Tennessee non-compete?

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EntreprAdmire April 2016 Edition

EntreprAdmire April 2016

It’s springtime in Nashville! I don’t believe there is a more beautiful time of year in this great city. Now that spring has sprung, brides are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans, Nashvillians are getting ready to educate themselves, and participants in Nashville Fashion Week are high-fiving for last week’s job well done. Enjoy reading about the three brands I #EntreprAdmire this month.

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EntreprAdmire March 2016 Edition

EntreprAdmire March 2016

Your friendly neighborhood #EntreprAdmire-r here. Ready for a dose of March Radness? It’s Women’s History Month, so what better time to give kudos to those [female] entrepreneurs or fem-focused brands that have a little something that make them the rad, admirable entrepreneurs that they are.

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EntreprAdmire February 2016 Edition

EntreprAdmire February 2016

A new month, a new love letter from your not-so-secret EntreprAdmirer. What’s #EntreprAdmire? It’s a monthly series that highlights brands or entrepreneurs that have a certain “it” factor that is, well, admirable. Love is in the air this month, and with it, DIY-activities, chocolate, and some special happy-hour-helpers.

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