Influencer Endorsement Agreement Template

$400.00 (tax incl.)

This contract is meant to be used when influencers and brands collaborate on sponsored content. More details below!

You have a solid, engaged following in your niche and you want to advocate for brands that you adore or just plain believe in. And, bonus: they want to pay you to do so.

Or, you’ve found the perfect ambassador for your brand.  Someone with a decent-sized following that is (more importantly) very engaged. You have a hunch your sales will skyrocket after affiliating with this influencer.

How helpful would it be to know exactly how many posts will be scheduled? To know who owns any copy or photos for your campaign or, heck, who’s PROVIDING the copy or photos?

How would you feel knowing that your influencer endorsement arrangements were crystal clear and laid out in an easy-to-understand contract? It’s not a pipe dream. You can do this, with a little guidance.

We’ve got you. Enter: the Influencer Endorsement Agreement Template.

>>>Plus, for the first time ever, you have access to alternative provisions, some that are a little more pro-Influencer, and some that are a little more pro-Brand.

Included: A word document (which enables editing), a manual for use in connection with the template, and a numbered .pdf that corresponds with the manual.

This template addresses terms like:

Campaign Details;
IP Ownership;
Compliance with Laws;
Approvals and Brand's Guidelines;
Content and Platform Details; and

This contract is for general use and does not substitute, offer, nor should it be interpreted as offering, specific legal advice. If you wish to book a limited, discounted consultation to go through this contract template with Spear IP following your purchase, the cost is $95 and you may schedule that consultation here.