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Internship Agreement Contract Kit™


This contract is meant to be used when you’re bringing on an intern. More details below!



Ready to shape young minds? (In person or, yes, even remotely?)

Here’s the thing: an email explanation, vague DMs, or even a school’s description? None of those things do you any favors in securing the rights to what your intern creates during her internship, or protecting your confidential information and system logins.

Let’s make sure you have something in writing before you give an intern access to your Dropbox account. Okay?

Enter: the Internship Agreement Contract Kit™.


  • A word document (which enables editing),
  • A manual for use in connection with the template,
  • A numbered .pdf that corresponds with the manual, and
  • A link to a video that explains what each provision of the agreement actually means. (Because it’s like I always say. A contract is useless if you don’t know what it means.)

This Contract Kit addresses terms like:

    • Making sure the intern’s duties are crystal clear, so everyone’s on the same page;
    • Confidentiality and safeguarding things like passwords and other systems that you use;
    • IP Ownership (I know you’re not trying to get into any future battles over whether your intern owns the rights to something she created during the internship after you’ve delivered it to a client!)
    • Intern compensation (class credit counts).

This contract is for general use and does not substitute, offer, nor should it be interpreted as offering, specific legal advice. If you wish to book a discounted consultation to go through this contract template with an attorney following your purchase, you will have the option to do so.

desktop reflecting workspace and internship agreement contract manual

What’s the WORST that could happen if you don’t take pen to paper with an internship agreement contract.

  1. You won’t own any of the content she creates for you.
  2. Your confidential information  isn’t actually confidential. (And she has no legal obligation to keep it confidential.) Things like passwords, client lists, business plans. Yikes.

Why not try to avoid those scenarios? Get the relationship with your interns in writing. An Internship Agreement Contract Kit is a good place to start.