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Want to know what getting legal help will cost?
You’re in the right spot.

I think it’s important that you know what it looks like to work with me.

There is no hide-the-ball, here. You’ll find all of Spear IP’s flat-rate packages in the price guide below. (We can even create a custom package based on these packages.)

Then, when you’re ready, let’s talk about protecting your most valuable business assets — your brand and creative content.

Trademark Application Package

Spear IP’s Trademark Application Package is broken down into two stages.

Stage 1, Comprehensive Search

Services Included:

  • Trademark Search Report, answering:

“What’s the likelihood I can register this mark?”

“What’s the likelihood I can use this mark without risk?”

“What issues are there with protecting this mark?”

  • One follow-up consultation to determine next steps (and discuss if registration is in client’s best interest)
  • Rate includes search for up to two classes ($275 per additional class)

Stage 2, Apply

Services Included:

  • Suggest categories of registration for client’s trademark
  • Create and gather specimen for filing along with application
  • Drafting and filing of federal (U.S.) trademark application
  • Monitoring through registration or abandonment, whichever occurs first
  • Communicating with Examiner as necessary

Fee:  $3,050.00 (and any additional fees per class, as necessary)

50% due at the beginning of each Stage

Includes Filing Fee for one (1) class (currently $250 as of 1/2/2021)

Special Note: If, after Stage 1, results aren’t favorable, Spear IP’s services will end after Stage 1, unless you choose to repeat Stage 1 with a new mark for a reduced rate of $1000.

Optional Add-On: Logo Application (Fee: $700) (Includes Trademark Office Filing Fee for one (1) class)

Additional Fees for Intent-to-Use Applications (“Intent-to-Use” means the mark is not yet in use when we file the application)

Extension Request: Filed every 6 months that the mark is not yet in use (Fee: $150 + $125 Per-Class Filing Fee)

Statement of Use: Filed to show that mark is in use (Fee: $300 + $100 Per-Class Filing Fee)

Copyright Registration Packages

Spear IP’s Copyright Registration Packages are broken down by the type of creative work.

Included in Each Package:

  • Instruct Client on deposit copy (a.k.a. a copy of the work to submit to the Copyright Office)
  • Draft and file application
  • Answer any Examiner questions throughout review process as necessary

What to know about Copyright Office Filing Fees:

They depend on who’s the owner, and how many works are included in the application, and the type of application. Here is the most current list of copyright application filing fees from the U.S. Copyright Office.


Traditional Creative Work….. $300 + filing fee

  • For example, a book, a video, an article, a piece of music, podcast art.

Online Course…..$600 + filing fee

Website…..$600 + filing fee

Collection of Blog or Social Media Posts…..$750 + filing fee This particular package includes a template that will allow you to stay on top of protecting your blog posts every three months!

Ongoing Protection of Blog or Social Media Posts…..$300 per filing+ filing fee

Copyright Registration Lesson

This is perfect for you if you have a ton of protectable content but you’re not quite ready to regularly offload this work to an attorney.

Lesson Details

  • One lesson, provided via online video conference and screen share (capped at 1.5 hours)
  • Client will watch and take notes as I file one application on Client’s behalf
  • I will watch and provide comments and corrections and answer questions as Client drafts and files one application under attorney supervision


  • Video recording of lesson
  • Written transcript of lesson
  • Cheat sheet to refer to in the future

Fee$875 total

Contract-Related Services

Custom Creative Entrepreneur Services Contract…..$1200

For the online service provider that needs a contract in place with clients

Package includes:

  • All drafting time
  • Submission and review of client business questionnaire
  • One video or phone consultation to review the draft together and answer any questions capped at 1 hour, or email exchange equivalent (your choice)
  • One set of revisions following consultation, if needed

Influencer Deal Points…..$579

This is perfect for you if you find yourself repeatedly entering into sponsorship relationships with brands. Rather than going back to an attorney each time before entering into negotiations with a brand, use these Influencer Deal Points as a starting off point to begin discussions. You’ll receive:

  • One one-hour consultation to talk through the deal points that are important to you (and any recommendations if there’s anything that makes you say, “I have no idea!”
  • One set of deal points after our consultation to have on hand for your next branding opportunity.