Template Shop: Event Planner Contracts

Spear IP opens Template Shop offering Event Planner Contracts.

In response to feedback from the Nashville Wedding Planners Group, Spear IP has launched a Template Shop, which currently features event planner contracts. The event planner contracts offered for sale include:

  • A Professional Services Agreement Template, for use by an event planner company with its clients;
  • An Event Planning Company Internship Agreement Template, for use by an event planner company with its interns;
  • An Independent Contractor Agreement Template, for use by an event planner and a contractor (e.g., graphic designer, stationer, or other independent contractor); and
  • A “bundle” offering the purchase of all three contract templates listed above at a discount.

Each contract template download contains the template in .doc format (which enables editing/customizing by the purchaser), a manual that acts as a guide when filling out the template, and a numbered pdf that corresponds with each manual.

Per the End User License Agreement to which each purchaser must agree before purchasing a contract template, the purchase of a contract template does not create an attorney-client relationship between Spear IP and the purchaser, and neither the template nor the manual constitute legal advice. Rather, the shop serves as an economical alternative to small businesses or entrepreneurs that do not wish to (or cannot afford to) retain an attorney for the purpose of creating tailor-made contracts.

Launched in March 2016, the Template Shop is located here and will accept the code LAUNCH10 for a discount of $10 off the purchaser’s total until April 1, 2016.

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