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What the SCOTUS Sales Tax Ruling Really Means

Last week (specifically, on Thursday, June 21, 2018), the Supreme Court ruled on a South Dakota law relating to the collection of sales tax for online purchases. Cue a frenzy of brands and online retailers trying to decipher what this SCOTUS sales tax ruling really means. Here’s a breakdown of the decision.

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My #ShopLocal #SupportSmall Wishlist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — especially for independent brands! While the rest of the year might present fewer opportunities to get eyes on your products, the holiday season provides opportunities for more traffic (of both the in-person and online variety). Me? I’ve put together my own little #shoplocal #supportsmall wishlist, just in time for Christmas.

EntreprAdmire May 2016

EntreprAdmire May 2016 Edition

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” With that quote, Socrates provides a great tip for entrepreneurs. Goal-setting and continuous learning are two habits that are imperative to entrepreneurship.  The act of writing down goals has been said to be quite effective in actually accomplishing goals, and the act of learning or improving upon a skill often finds itself on an entrepreneur’s list of goals.  So let’s dive into the brands I #EntreprAdmire this … Continue reading →

EntreprAdmire April 2016

EntreprAdmire April 2016 Edition

It’s springtime in Nashville! I don’t believe there is a more beautiful time of year in this great city. Now that spring has sprung, brides are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans, Nashvillians are getting ready to educate themselves, and participants in Nashville Fashion Week are high-fiving for last week’s job well done. Enjoy reading about the three brands I #EntreprAdmire this month.

EntreprAdmire March 2016

EntreprAdmire March 2016 Edition

Your friendly neighborhood #EntreprAdmire-r here. Ready for a dose of March Radness? It’s Women’s History Month, so what better time to give kudos to those [female] entrepreneurs or fem-focused brands that have a little something that make them the rad, admirable entrepreneurs that they are.

EntreprAdmire February 2016

EntreprAdmire February 2016 Edition

A new month, a new love letter from your not-so-secret EntreprAdmirer. What’s #EntreprAdmire? It’s a monthly series that highlights brands or entrepreneurs that have a certain “it” factor that is, well, admirable. Love is in the air this month, and with it, DIY-activities, chocolate, and some special happy-hour-helpers.

EntreprAdmire January 2016

EntreprAdmire January 2016 Edition

#EntreprAdmire: A monthly series that highlights brands or entrepreneurs that have a certain “it” factor that is, well, admirable. This month, the focus is launching, growing, and getting organized (because what better time than the start of a fresh, new year to start a fresh, new project).

EntreprAdmire December 2015

EntreprAdmire December 2015 Edition

#EntreprAdmire: A new monthly series that will highlight brands and entrepreneurs that seem do be doing something right. The holiday season is upon us, and everyone’s thoughts have turned to parties, gift-giving and, most importantly, giving back. Kudos to these brands I #EntreprAdmire for combining entrepreneurship and philanthropy.