Anatomy of an Influencer Endorsement Contract

If you have a dedicated following in your niche market, you might have dipped your toe in the affiliate pond, creating sponsored content with brands that you adore or just plain believe in. Or, you’ve found the perfect ambassador for your brand. Someone with a decent sized following that is (more importantly) very engaged. You know your sales will take off after affiliating with this influencer.

Sound familiar? Then this post is for you. It dissects some important provisions that a … Continue reading →

Protecting Your Pod Podcast Guest Contract Spear IP Maria Spear Ollis intellectual property detroit nashville lawyer podcast guest appearance contract

Protecting Your Pod[cast]: The Podcast Guest Contract

There’s so much anticipation and planning that goes into launching a podcast. The name, the graphics, the episode lineup… all of these things are the “fun part.” A Podcast Guest Contract might be the furthest thing from your mind. But what’s not fun? Getting into a legal tiff with a podcast guest. That’s why you might consider adding “podcast guest contracts” to your pre-launch checklist. Below is a (non-exhaustive!) list of what should be included in a solid Podcast Guest … Continue reading →

IP and Using Contractors

IP Independence: Using Contractors

Using independent contractors has its perks: an independent contractor is not an employee, so an employer can save by using contractors for certain services. But does an employer automatically own creative works created by its independent contractors? In short: probably not.

Contracts for Artists from Spear IP

Pen v. Paintbrush: Contracts for Artists

We can all agree that handshake deals are not your friend, right? Artists often rely on the handshake deal or verbal agreement, maybe due to the assumption that contracts for artists are ten-page beasts, chocked full of legalese. On the contrary, a written contract can make certain that each side’s understanding matches up to the other’s. Put differently, a contract makes sure everyone is on the same page (pun intended) when it comes to important terms such as payment, delivery, and … Continue reading →

Using Stock Photos & FontsUsing Stock Photos and Fonts

License to Wha? Using Stock Photos & Fonts

We’ve become a very visual society. Maybe we have always been that way, but social media has made us more aware of just how visual our society is. (Hello, Instagram.) As such, every article, DIY project, and blog post has a pretty image. (If there is text overlaid on the image, it’s pretty text.) Luckily, there are several websites that offer stock photos and free fonts to help make things “pretty.” But can you really get away with using stock photos … Continue reading →

Common Contract Myths

Common Contract Myths

There comes a time where every professional thinks about contracts. Perhaps a client requests that the business sign a nondisclosure agreement. Or, the business is just starting out and its business owner knows many of its clients will expect a contract. Still, many businesses and professionals do not embrace the contract. Why? Contract Myths.

Handshake Deals Are Not Your Friend

Handshake Deals Are Not Your Friend

The following will make any copyright lawyer cringe: “Oh, we didn’t put anything in writing, it was done on a handshake. I paid for it, so now I own it. Right?”
No. Not right. Hence, “handshake deal” should not be a part of your vocabulary or your business practice.