Contracts can be related to intellectual property or just plain crucial to your business. A good contract clearly states the objectives and obligations of each business so that there is no mystery shrouding the relationship going forward.

If you choose Spear IP as your intellectual property legal advisor, you might benefit from Spear IP’s experience with common contracts for small and growing businesses. This includes contract-related matters like confidentiality and non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and non-circumvention agreements, contracts with service-providers like freelance designers, and custom business services agreements that dictate the terms between you and your client (like payment, schedule of deliverables, and intellectual propety ownership).

Plus, have you seen Spear IP’s Contract Template Marketplace? If you purchase a contract through the marketplace, Spear IP offers a highly discounted strategy meeting to answer questions about using the contract (you just have to sign a Spear IP engagement letter, first!).

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