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6 Ways To Legally Use Photography In Your Content

Six little known ways to legally use photos in your content! Today, I’m going to be talking through using photos on Instagram, social media, blog posts and little ways that you might not quite be complying with the law. But don’t worry, by the end, you will understand how to navigate some of those tricky … Continue reading →

The Big Copyright Mistake You Might Be Making

Let’s talk about the surprise copyright mistake that you didn’t know you made… but you probably made. At a certain point, you’re starting to outsource things in your business. And a lot of people make this same mistake. So your business is growing, you’re starting to outsource things, you’re hiring a web designer, you’re hiring … Continue reading →

woman sitting at her desk looking at her phone for canva licensing terms

Canva Licensing Terms in 2021

By far, one of my most popular posts to date has to do with the terms of use that you didn’t read before using Canva. The problem with this post is that it’s about a year old, and Canva has changed this licensing terms recently. So here’s a look at the Canva licensing terms in … Continue reading →

business partners researching what are representations and warranties

What Representations and Warranties Are in a Contract

I’m breaking down common contract terms in “What’s In My Contract.” Today we will look at “representations and warranties.” That sounds really legal, doesn’t it? They’re in a lot of contracts, especially service contracts. And I’m going to tell you what representations and warranties are. So usually you will see representations and warranties broken down … Continue reading →

What Does WHEREAS Mean in a Contract?

Let’s talk about another common contracts term, shall we? In what’s in my contract, I break down some of those boilerplate, common contract terms that you might find in a lot of contracts, but maybe don’t quite understand. This time, we’re talking about “recitals.” What the heck are “Recitals”? You see them at the beginning … Continue reading →

woman researching how to cancel culture proof her business

Cancel Culture Proof Your Online Business: 2 Lawyer-Approved Ways

So, cancel culture is a thing now. And it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. If you operate a business online, you might be afraid of a little public social media shaming. In this post, I talk about two lawyer-approved ways to cancel culture proof your business while everything is still peachy. Cancel-culture-proof … Continue reading →

about to take notes on what headings in a contract are for

What does the HEADINGS section in a contract mean?

It’s been a few years since we dove into “what’s in my contract.” (That’s where I decipher common contract terms.) In this post, I take a look at HEADINGS and what the HEADINGS section means in your contract. By the end of this post, you will understand what the headings section is and what the … Continue reading →

woman preparing to look up top legal tips for online businesses

My Top 4 Legal Tips for Online Businesses

My top four legal tips for online businesses. In this post you’re going to get an idea of my top tips when it comes to disclosures, copyright, and ideas. Disclosure Requirements Apply to All Media. First, remember that disclosures apply to all media. That means it’s not just for sponsored posts on instagram but also … Continue reading →

woman researching how to change a contract after it was signed

How to Change a Contract After It Was Signed

Have you ever wondered how to change a contract after it was signed? I’m going to tell you two ways to do that in this post. Contractual Do-Over So the first way to change a contract after it’s been signed is to update that original agreement with whatever term you want to change, and then … Continue reading →

Woman researching avoiding copyright infringement

3 Lies Everyone Believes About Avoiding Copyright Infringement

Today I’m talking about the three big lies that you might have heard about avoiding copyright infringement. You might think you’re not committing copyright infringement, but… you could be wrong. (Did you get that reference?) In this video, you’re going to learn what every online brand needs to know about avoiding copyright infringement on the … Continue reading →

reading about the things an online business can trademark

7 Things An Online Business Can Trademark Right Now

Let’s talk about the things an online business can trademark. “Trademark” isn’t really a verb, but we’re going to go with it because people use it a lot. A lot of times people think that trademark just applies to a brand name or a logo. But there’s more to trademark than just those things, and … Continue reading →