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woman researching ip protection for podcasts

IP Protection for Podcasts

By the end of this post you will understand a little bit more about IP protection for podcasts. I’ll go into some of the different elements of your podcast and whether they are protectable under copyright versus trademark. Here we go! Your Podcast Name. Easy one, right? That is protectable under trademark law. The name … Continue reading →

is your blog post automatically protected from copycats

Is a Blog Post Automatically Protected from Copycats?

By the end of this post you will know at what point your blog post is automatically protected from copycats under copyright law. Let’s go! First, what’s protectable about a blog post or vlog? So first, what does a blog or vlog consists of? Well, it consists of maybe video content, audio-visual content, you’ve got … Continue reading →

using hashtags for sponsored posts legally

Using Sponsored Post Hashtags Properly

#ad #sponsored #gifted #affiliate #unboxing… Yes, these hashtags mean that your post is sponsored. By the end of this post you will have an understanding of how each of these hashtags indicate a sponsored post and what the hashtags really mean.  Reminder: What constitutes a Sponsored Post? First, a little reminder on what constitutes a … Continue reading →

woman reading through pinterest terms of use

Pinterest: Terms of Use You Didn’t Read

This month’s “Terms of Use You Didn’t Read” focuses on Pinterest and the terms of use that you’ve agreed to by using Pinterest. Pinterest Terms of Use: More Simply Put First, the these Terms of Use use a really cool thing that I’ve actually considered doing in some of the contracts that I write. They … Continue reading →

girl contemplating whether posting this photo could be photo copyright infringement

You Think These Aren’t Photo Copyright Infringement (But They Are)

Here’s some activities that you think aren’t photo copyright infringement… but they are. These’ll be in the context of social media, websites, and podcasting. Rapid fire, let’s go! Photo Copyright Infringement 101: posting a photo that you didn’t take. Unless you have agreed with the person that DID take the photo that you could, of … Continue reading →

woman looking up what to do when you've been copied

What a [good] Lawyer Does When You’ve Been Copied

In this post you’ll learn, in my opinion, what a good lawyer does when that dreaded moment hits: you’ve been copied. Spoiler alert: a good lawyer will just walk you through your options. And those options are: contacting the infringer,, DMCA takedown, sending a letter, filing a lawsuit, and doing nothing. Option When You’ve Been … Continue reading →

woman contemplating whether to register a website with the copyright office

3 Benefits of Registering A Website with the Copyright Office

Pretty self-explanatory by the title: you’re going to get the top three benefits of registering your website with the Copyright Office. Let’s go! Benefit of Registering A Website with the Copyright Office #1: Presumptions.  Now, before your eyes glaze over, let me give you a little explanation of what a presumption is. Think of a … Continue reading →

group of people reading wordpress terms of use for the first time

WordPress: Terms of Use You Didn’t Read

Y’all know I’m a big Terms of Use geek. I’m super excited about this new monthly series, “Terms of Use You Didn’t Read.” I will go in and pick out a handful of terms in platforms that you might be using and point out some of the things that you’ve agreed to by using the … Continue reading →

woman looking at artwork wondering where the line is between inspiration versus infringement

Inspired Versus Infringing: A Look at “Idea Law”

There’s always that question about the fine line between being inspired by something and infringing. This post gives you a quick reminder on what copyright infringement is and a brief little explanation on what’s protectable under copyright law and what’s not. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of “idea law” and how that … Continue reading →

woman smiling because she has contracts online creators must have in place

3 Contracts Online Creators Must Have in Place

By the end of this post you will know the three contracts that online creators must know about, in my opinion. And I’m not just telling you what those contracts are. I’ll give you some key terms and the problems that each of these documents will prevent. So let’s dive in. Contracts Online Creators Must … Continue reading →

Make More Money with Trademark Licensing in 2020

Licensing your trademark is a great way to make some extra money without reinventing the wheel. By the end of this post, you’re going to understand what a license is, some special things about trademark licenses, and examples of ways you can make more money with trademark licensing in 2020.. First, what is a license? A … Continue reading →

a supermodel who could be influencing copyright and photo law

How A Supermodel’s Post Could Influence Copyright and Photo Law

So, you may have missed this lawsuit filed over the summer, Summer 2019, and it was an interesting one in the world of copyright and photo law. Gigi Hadid who, of course, is a famous supermodel, was sued for copyright infringement. And here a couple little details. Background of the lawsuit A paparazzi company filed … Continue reading →