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What Makes a Post Sponsored?

What makes a post sponsored? You know, the kind of post where you have to include disclosures. Today, you’re really going to understand when those disclosures are necessary for a sponsored post, or when there’s a connection that might require disclosure. What makes a post sponsored? Obviously, if someone is sponsoring the post the way … Continue reading →

How the CASE Act Can Bring Justice for Creators Online

Ever been downright copied and thought the cost of a lawsuit outweighed any possible benefit to you? Thanks to the CASE Act, there can be justice for content creators! What is the CASE Act? The CASE Act is the Copyright Alternative and Small Claims Enforcement Act (or CASE for short). This act came out of … Continue reading →

What Copyright Infringement Means (In Plain English)

What Is Copyright Infringement? To understand what copyright infringement is, you first have to understand what copyright is. Copyright exists to protect creative work. Creative works are things you typically think of such as, music, video, graphic design, sculpture and art. However, they are also things like literature that you might give away as a … Continue reading →

woman researching how to write a proper blog disclaimer

How To Write A Good Blog Disclaimer

If your blog post uses affiliate links or is sponsored by a company, then you need to know the anatomy of a sponsored post disclaimer. Let’s break down some elements of that disclaimer so you’ll have a good handle on what you should be including!

woman sitting at her desk and looking up what does copyright mean

What Does Copyright Mean?

What is copyright? Copyright protects creative works (i.e., art and music and video, but also e-course content and opt ins and copy). What copyright isn’t. Copyright is not protection for inventions. That’s patent territory. And it’s not protection for a brand name, which is trademark territory. It depends on the context. “I want to copyright … Continue reading →

3 Reasons to Copyright A Website

Let’s dive into the top 3 reasons why it’s important to copyright a website — aka why you should protect your website by registering it with the US Copyright Office! #1 – Presumptions Think of a presumption as an assumption. What things would you prefer to be assumed in a copyright infringement lawsuit? You don’t … Continue reading →

What Is Protectable Inside Your Course

Today you’re going to learn about exactly what you can protect in terms of an idea for your next course, and what you can’t. I hate to break it to you, but ideas really are a dime a dozen. That doesn’t help you. But what will help you is to understand that line between an … Continue reading →

photograph of a podcast microphone and books ready to research what's in a good podcast guest appearance contract

Why You Need A Podcast Guest Appearance Contract

Let’s talk about some annoying problems you might deal with without a podcast guest appearance contract. A podcast guest contract is there to put everyone on the same page in terms of how you operate when you bring guests on your podcast. So what’s the worst that could happen without one? Podcast Problem #1 – … Continue reading →

What is a Third Party?

If you’ve read a contract, or two, or three, you’ve heard this term a lot. But do you know what it means? By the end of this post, you’re going to understand what “third party” means whenever you see it in a contract, or a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, or Membership Agreement, or … Continue reading →

computer ready to be turned on to use a non-disclosure agreement

3 Times You’ll Need a Standard Non-Disclosure Template

Let’s talk through three times when you’ll need a standard non-disclosure template on hand. By the end of this post, you’re going to really have a good grasp on the three different times when I think you should have an NDA on hand. So what’s an NDA? NDA just means non-disclosure agreement. It’s also called … Continue reading →