I don’t like to wear suits.

Wearing a suit just isn’t “me.” Even as a law student I knew I didn’t want to end up in a firm that would require me to wear a suit every day (and if that meant foregoing the coveted “big firm” route, so be it).

So I took a different route. I worked in-house at CMT (Country Music Television) almost directly out of law school, sharpening my contracts skills. After that, I worked for 5+ years at a small Nashville intellectual property and entertainment law firm where, yes, I sometimes wore a suit. Litigation will do that to you.

Since August 2015, though, I’ve been wearing a different uniform: Owner and Attorney at Spear IP. And now I can’t imagine it any other way. My clients understand; they’re all entrepreneurs or business owners themselves and thrive in the business owner seat.

Speaking of clients, people in Nashville, Detroit, and across the country often contact Spear IP feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, unprotected, or otherwise insecure about their intellectual property and related business contracts. Helping creative professionals and businesses feel prepared, confident, and at ease when it comes to IP, contracts, and related processes is the reason why I do what I do.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unprotected when it comes to your IP, you’re looking for peace of mind and the freedom to be creative without IP or contractual legal issues looming over your head, and you prefer jeans over suits, give Spear IP a call.

Maria Spear Ollis Spear IP Nashville Tennessee

Maria Spear Ollis: Quick Stats

Undergraduate School:University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (go blue!)
Undergraduate Degree:Bachelor's of Music (Voice Performance)
Undergraduate Activities:Dicks & Janes A Cappella group (Yes, like Pitch Perfect); server at TGI Friday's; some musical theater
Law School:Pace University School of Law
Law School Activities:In law school, there is only law school.
Family:One husband, one rescue kitty, one doberman pup, and one human child
Geographic Location:Detroit, MI
Favorite Music:Lana del Rey, Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, James Taylor, Brandi Carlile, Cat Stevens, Frank Sinatra, Chicago
Favorite Nashville Restaurants:This is a tough one. Rolf & Daughters, Five Points Pizza, Burger Up, and Greko Greek Street Food are all top contenders.
Favorite Metro Detroit Restaurants: Imperial in Ferndale has great tacos. Bigalora has the best pizza in town. And everything on the very creative Republic menu is delicious.
Hobbies:Cooking (especially Greek food), calligraphy, singing

Why Flat Rates?

I’ve been there and I’ve seen it — the traditional law firm “billable hour.” I’ve seen a larger-than-expected bill with unexpected fees completely stall a client’s momentum. And, I’ve seen how it can affect the attorney-client relationships.

I knew, when I decided to start Spear IP, that that was the last thing I wanted. So, Spear IP is proud to offer flat rates in an effort to take the surprise out of the billing process and encourage transparency between client and attorney.

After all, it’s difficult to protect your work or build a business if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’ll need to invest along the way.


Spear IP offers a ton of different packages, from an in-depth trademark clearance search package to a full “solopreneur launch” package.

The first step is setting up a consultation. We’ll talk about:

  • Where your business is now and where you want it to be,
  • Where you feel vulnerable,
  • What steps we can take to get you on the right path, and
  • Any questions you have (short of things like on-the-spot legal research or contract drafting).

You’ll learn about my “identify, prioritize, and protect” method for quieting that voice that’s keep you up at night. And, when we’re done, you’ll have at least two or three things you can do immediately to help protect your business online. Click below and let’s get started!