Benefits to Registering A Copyright

Put a © On It: Benefits to Registering A Copyright

Sometimes referred to as a “bundle of rights,” copyright law gives protection to authors of creative works (think: paintings, music, photographs, graphic design, even website code). Why bother registering a creative work? What are the benefits?

Using Stock Photos & FontsUsing Stock Photos and Fonts

License to Wha? Using Stock Photos & Fonts

We’ve become a very visual society. Maybe we have always been that way, but social media has made us more aware of just how visual our society is. (Hello, Instagram.) As such, every article, DIY project, and blog post has a pretty image. (If there is text overlaid on the image, it’s pretty text.) Luckily, there are several websites that offer stock photos and free fonts to help make things “pretty.” But can you really get away with using stock photos … Continue reading →

EntreprAdmire April 2016

EntreprAdmire April 2016 Edition

It’s springtime in Nashville! I don’t believe there is a more beautiful time of year in this great city. Now that spring has sprung, brides are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans, Nashvillians are getting ready to educate themselves, and participants in Nashville Fashion Week are high-fiving for last week’s job well done. Enjoy reading about the three brands I #EntreprAdmire this month.

You're Not Cheating the Trademark System

You’re Not Cheating the Trademark System

Rats. You spent so much time selecting your name, and you can’t use it. For one reason or another, you and your attorney have determined that you have to change your brand name: you received a cease-and-desist letter in the mail that contained some pretty valid claims; your application to federally register your trademark was rejected; or a trademark search revealed a third party that started using a similar name before you did. “But I love this name!” you proclaim. “I brainstormed, worked … Continue reading →