Making An App For Kids

COPPA & Making An App For Kids

Making a website or app can take a tremendous amount of time, planning, and skill. But making an app for kids adds another layer — compliance. What is COPPA? And what are the extra steps in maintaining a website or making an app for kids?

Using a Descriptive Trademark

Put A ® On It? Using a Descriptive Trademark

Using a descriptive trademark can have its benefits — consumers likely don’t have to guess at the goods or services you offer if you come right out and describe them in your brand name. But are you familiar with the downside to using a descriptive trademark?

IP Planning For A New Business

IP Planning For A New Business

You’re starting a new biz. Congratulations! No doubt you’ve spent time figuring out your logo, the design of your website, etc. Have you thought about your intellectual property and doing some IP planning? It seems a little chicken-before-the-egg (do you register first or launch first?). And, yes, it’s a little less “sexy” than web design. But, IP planning for a new business could be one of those things where your future self will thank you if you actually sit down and do it.

EntreprAdmire January 2016

EntreprAdmire January 2016 Edition

#EntreprAdmire: A monthly series that highlights brands or entrepreneurs that have a certain “it” factor that is, well, admirable. This month, the focus is launching, growing, and getting organized (because what better time than the start of a fresh, new year to start a fresh, new project).