IP Protection for Lettering Font

Holiday Greetings: IP Protection for Lettering & Font

This season, you’ve likely been the recipient of a holiday card or two. No doubt influenced by our growing Pinterest culture, greeting cards and invitations are becoming increasingly creative and ornate. Hand-lettering, unique typefaces and fonts, and calligraphy: each are works of art in their own way. How does IP protection for lettering, calligraphy and typeface work? And, are there concerns with using typefaces you haven’t created yourself?

IP Protection for Costumes

Corncob Pipe? IP Protection for Costumes

IP protection for costumes and uniforms is slightly different than the protection allowed for regular apparel, as costumes are a special subset of your ordinary fashion item. As previously discussed, copyright protection is sometimes difficult to come by in the fashion industry. Apparel on its own serves a “utilitarian” function by clothing us, adorning us, and keeping us warm and stylish. But what of costumes? Is a costume a “useful article”?

Copyright and the Song

Do You Hear What I Hear: Copyright and the Song

Surely you do hear what I hear: It’s the sound of nostalgia (in the form of Christmas carols) floating in the background of every department store, coffee shop, and cute holiday gift market in town. Which, naturally, brings us to copyright and the song: the protection afforded to songs under U.S. law.

EntreprAdmire December 2015

EntreprAdmire December 2015 Edition

#EntreprAdmire: A new monthly series that will highlight brands and entrepreneurs that seem do be doing something right. The holiday season is upon us, and everyone’s thoughts have turned to parties, gift-giving and, most importantly, giving back. Kudos to these brands I #EntreprAdmire for combining entrepreneurship and philanthropy.