Recipes and Trade Secret

A Very Secret Ingredient: Recipes and Trade Secret

Do you have a tried-and-true dish that is the result of your tweaking and testing? Are you in the business of selling edible goodies that are the product of a secret recipe and curious as to how you might protect that recipe? Welcome to the world of recipes and trade secret.

Handshake Deals Are Not Your Friend

Handshake Deals Are Not Your Friend

The following will make any copyright lawyer cringe: “Oh, we didn’t put anything in writing, it was done on a handshake. I paid for it, so now I own it. Right?”
No. Not right. Hence, “handshake deal” should not be a part of your vocabulary or your business practice.

Policing Your Trademark

Apples® to Apples: Policing Your Trademark

It’s November, and we are well into apple season. Have you heard about the trend in apple branding and policing of fruit-related tradmarks? It all started with the Honeycrisp, a variety of apple that has apparently revitalized the apple industry. Apple “brands” have been cropping up (pun intended), and the owners are taking trademark ownership seriously in protecting, policing, and monitoring their marks.