Photos smartphones and copyright

Photos, Smartphones, & Copyright

Have you ever stopped to think about our camera-phone culture?
We take so many pictures. Social media, and Instagram in particular, has made each of us into an amateur photographer. What will you do this weekend? Go to a pumpkin patch and photograph the pumpkins? Snap photos of the bride and groom dancing at a wedding? Post a picture of your Bloody Mary at brunch?

Ode to a Fantasy Football Team

Ode to a Fantasy Football Team

Ah, [Fantasy] Football Season. Everyone is glued to a television screen (or three). Everyone is an NFL franchise owner. Everyone has proverbial skin in, well, every game. Today’s post is dedicated to you, fantasy football fan.

Legal Lessons For App & Website Providers

Peeple: Legal Lessons For App & Website Providers

Peeple, an app that has yet to take on its final form, has been causing quite a stir. The Canadian company behind the app (namely, its co-founder, Julia Cordray) has touted it as “Yelp for People.” But what are the legal concerns surrounding an app or website platform that can be used for negative purposes such as cyber-bullying and defamation?