A Lesson in Terms of Use

Why Your Notice to Facebook Doesn’t Work: A Lesson in Terms of Use

Facebook, the world’s most popular (and populated) social network, has once again been buzzing with status updates where users declare their rights against Facebook and tell it what it can and can’t do with that user’s content. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these status updates mean nothing. Why?

fashion and ip trademark and counterfeiting

Fashion and IP, Part Three: Trademark & Counterfeiting

Trademark is likely the first area of IP that fashion brands think about. It’s the name or symbol that will appear behind a runway, on a website, or on a hangtag. This post discusses trademark law protection for fashion brands, and the relationship between trademark and counterfeiting.

fashion and IP trade dress

Fashion and IP, Part Two: Trade Dress

The first post in this four-part blog series on fashion and intellectual property (inspired by the end of New York Fashion Week last week) touched on the protection of fashion designs under U.S. copyright law. This post focuses on the role of trade dress in the fashion world.

fashion and ip copyright

Fashion and IP, Part One: Copyright

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, it seems appropriate to discuss how intellectual-property intersects with the fashion industry.  Fashion is one of the trickier areas when it comes to intellectual property protection, especially copyright. If you launch a fashion brand, IP knowledge is definitely something you might want up your sleeve (pun 100% intended).

the Trademark Registration Process

Breaking Down the Trademark Registration Process

Many business owners are vaguely familiar with the trademark registration process. Without fail, though, when a business wants to register its trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (or “USPTO”) the first question is  “How long until I get my registration?” Of course, the answer is “it depends.” Are you using the mark yet? The answer to that question matters when it comes to registration.
Keep in mind that there’s never a guarantee that submitting an application for federal registration of … Continue reading →